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1. 除此之外,它的设计者是92岁的黄永玉大师,一位著名的画家,使它成为了极具收藏价值的物品。
2. 要实现有效的电子邮件营销,可不只是偶尔发一封电子文宣邮件那么简单。要想构建一套有效的电子邮件营销战略,你需要一个功能齐全的工具。MailChimp似乎是市面上最佳的此类系统,它提供了各种典雅直观的电邮广告模板、先进的分段功能和营销自动化功能。
3. 8. Flats are allowed on the red carpet – or are they?
4. 有些人会充分运用科技的力量:
5. [swift]
6. 当你走进来的时候,我对你的认识比你的想象中的多。我在网上寻找关于你的资料,利用我自己的关系网来做面试前的背景调查。


1. 大宗农产品投机交易一直是今年市场波动的一个特点,荷兰合作银行预测,这种趋势将继续。
2. But Anne Simpson, senior portfolio manager and director of global governance at the US pension fund Calpers, a prominent Apple shareholder, believes his ethical stance is more than just posturing. “He has a charming disregard for showmanship,” she says. “Tim Cook applies this Apple notion of elegance and excellence to these new arenas.”
3. And, ‘trustno1’ proved, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be among the worst passwords as well, taking up spot number 25.
4. Another love ballad for Bond, but if Nancy Sinatras song from You Only Live Twice was playing at your orthodontists office, it would be the sexiest orthodontists office in town. Theres a mysterious quality to the string section, and a playfulness to the declining notes. They combine to make something rather magical. From here on out all of the Bond songs on this list are bona fide classics.
5. The Republican candidate appeared unsure at times and occasionally stumbled over his lines as if struggling to remember his briefing notes. He began sweating as Obama, aggressive from the start, got the better of him during exchanges on Iran, Iraq and Russia as well as on US military spending.
6. 《弗鲁特维尔车站》(Fruitvale Station)是另一部出色的故事片处女作,由瑞安?库格勒(Ryan Coogler)执导。这部影片的主题是赤手空拳的22岁黑人奥斯卡?格兰特(Oscar Grant)在加州奥克兰与一名白人交警发生冲突而遭到误杀,这本来可以成就一部纪录片。库格勒有更好的想法,将这个真实事件加以戏剧化改编,并在很大程度上进行了虚构,讲述了奥斯卡死亡前一天的生活。饰演这个角色的是迈克尔?乔丹(Michael Jordan),他的表演能让你心碎,也能令人欢乐不已,有时是两者兼具。


1. 该新规还专门针对出租车服务作出规定。
2. Theres often an option to post your résumé anonymously, so do that, Foss says. "Or forgo that option and stick with LinkedIn," she adds. "Youre way more likely to be found by recruiters and hiring managers there anyway."
3. 纽约人向专栏提出的问题,不仅取决于他们的个人情况,还取决于当今的重大问题,比如住房成本上升、士绅化、豆腐渣工程。最终,2014年成为了一个一切都在增长的年份,增长的包括房价、租金,以及最重要的——楼盘数量。根据纽约房地产委员会(Real Estate Board of New York)的数据,10月批准建设的单元达到了16700套。
4. 有些腐烂的鸡爪竟然出产于1967年,在腥臭扑鼻的处理场里,这些鸡爪经过漂白剂和其它化学物质“清洁”、涨泡、漂白流程之后,便可重新上市出售。
5. Bangkoks 2014-15 fall from the top was largely put down to political instability in recent years.
6. n. 监督,管理


1. 周二,萨尔州成为德国第一个禁止外国政客拉票的地区。德国数个地方议会基于消防安全等技术原因,取消了土耳其部长们原计划的拉票集会。
2. ‘Veep’ “House of Cards,” the Netflix phenomenon, showed its weaknesses this year, but HBO’s “Veep,” the other most cynical show about Washington, got stronger in its third season. The scene in a restroom in which Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her assistant, Gary (Tony Hale) discover that she is going to become president and dissolve into uncontrollable laughter was one of the great comic moments of 2014.
3. 想要改善自己的生活,而不只是学业,最好的方法之一就是冥想。每天花上十五分钟,静下心来,集中注意力并充满自信。
4. 这些包括纳米汽车在内的轻巧设计小得甚至连肉眼都不可见。
5. Everyone on Wall Street, Main Street and Washington keeps forgetting the fundamentals of market cycles. Please remember: Investors Business Dailys Bill ONeill, author of How to Make Money in Stocks, says market cycles average 3.75 years up, nine months down.
6. "Im always amazed at how many people tell their co-workers about their job search," Kay says. "Thats one of the worst things you can do." Ideally, you wouldnt tell any co-workers, but you may have to if you want them to serve as references. In that case, Kay says, "you need to pick people who you really trust, who dont have a hidden agenda and who wont let it slip."


1. Also downstairs, there’s an octagonal den with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, walls of glass and a built-in bench seat. The room is wired for surround sound. The three bedrooms are upstairs; all have lake views.
2. 这个区域靠近市中心,爆破方必须确保爆破时不会影响到附近的一条轻轨线路、一个购物中心和变电站。
3. strain



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