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1. We will use this painful adjustment on the part of government to ensure that things will be much more convenient and easier for our businesses to enhance their competiveness on the market.
2. Acrobatics “Ice And Fire” (Zhao Li and Zhang Quan)
3. 在《渴望生活》这张专辑的第一首歌《爱》中,拉娜·德雷唱着“过去的一切造就了今天的你,但未来由你决定”。
4. This year the list features nine heads of state who run nations with a combined GDP of $11.8 trillion — including the No. 1 Power Woman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The 24 corporate CEOs control $893 billion in annual revenues, and 16 of the women here founded their own companies, including two of the three new billionaires to the list, Tory Burch and Spanx’s Sara Blakely. Speaking of, this year’s class has 14 billionaires valued in excess of $82 billion.
5. In those days, of course, Rembrandt was the gold standard. But the Dutchman and his fellow old masters have fallen out of fashion and are no longer as coveted by collectors and investors.
6. The year’s most compelling makeup and hair designs have been almost characters themselves (and are certainly more dynamic than some of those who appear on-screen). But while physical features are obvious right away, they can also give shape and nuance to the performances of those who assume them. Sometimes, a big nose creates a window of understanding.


1. One of the things that makes Guardians such a great superhero franchise is its sense of humor—which is full of self-deprecation and sarcasm. Its not like youre going to watch this movie and laugh your way through it, but youll at least have some moments of "ha ha, Groot," and "lolololol Chris Pratt."
2. But Choupette isnt only a kept kitty, for she made more than £2.3million in one year alone after appearing in just two ad campaigns — one for Japenese beauty product Shu Uemura, and for German car company Vauxhall.
3. vi. 过活,进展,进食
4. 他说,薪酬是个问题(2010年记者的年薪中值为3.6万美金)。他不知道自己能否靠做记者的薪水供养家庭并送孩子上大学。而且还有一点没错,记者的压力和工作时间可能会令人感到精疲力竭。但他说,我不确定自己换个工作是否会开心,也想不出任何一个工作会像做记者这样让我觉得兴奋或有成就感。
5. 在P2P贷款领域,借款方被与投资者匹配,后者被鼓励将钱投入放贷,因为他们所得到的回报高于国有银行利息。
6. 我对事物持悲观态度


1. 5、邦德具备美女约会种种要求。乐衷于性的女人更喜欢“坏男人”-邦德属于此类。讲究的女人喜欢阳刚男人,寻求一夜情的女人喜欢外型帅气、主动进攻的男人-非邦德莫属。
2. 中国最高质量监督部门日前表示,去年通过网购平台出口到中国的消费品,超过40%是不合格的。
3. 2) I often talk to strangers 0 1 2 3 4
4. The potential for conflict will force China and the US to redefine their roles in a shifting environment that neither is comfortable with. Tensions will be aggravated by anti-China sentiment during the American elections. Asian countries are in a position to delineate the boundaries of influence for these two powers but, given their varied interests, alliances will shift depending on individual concerns.
5. 该调查基于160多项指标的统计数据,包括衣食、家政服务、交通和公用设施的花费。
6. 金维刚补充说道:“去年前三季度职工平均工资增长幅度大致在6.3%,而我国2016年GDP增速则为6.7%。这两项都要比之前一年有所下降。”


1. 最佳迷你剧集/影片类编剧:D?V?蒂文森斯(D.V. DeVincentis),《美国罪案故事:公诉辛普森》,“玛西亚,玛西亚,玛西亚” (The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia")
2. 在大型科技企业内部,女性雇员将希翼看到加薪和升职方面发生变化的迹象——但是,随着男性权利在硅谷某些角落开始酝酿反击,她们也会保持警惕。
3. “Where ETFs have grown — in the US and Europe — there is a big ecosystem of financial advisers,” he says. “You need a more advisory model. But until you see people paying for advice rather than paying for commissions, it is hard to see when it will take off.”
4. The capital plans to move most of its municipal departments to the suburban district of Tongzhou in 2017, the Beijing Municipal Committee announced on Wednesday.
5. shorten
6. Online registration will end on Oct. 24. The exam will be held on Nov. 27 in major Chinese cities.


1. n. 前进,飞行速度,进展,(前后两车间的)车间时距
2. 爆发冲突的潜在可能性,将迫使中国和美国在不断变幻的环境中重新定义各自的角色,双方都对这种环境感到不安。美国大选期间的反华情绪将使紧张气氛加剧。亚洲国家将勾勒出这两个大国的影响力范围,但考虑到各国的利益各有不同,取决于各自的具体关切,联盟的构成也将变化。
3. “还有大批人没有统计进来,”胡润对英国《金融时报》表示,“两周前我在北京拜访了这家投资企业。一下午的时间,我就发掘出了30个登上今年富豪榜的人。他们去年还不在大家的视线内。”



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