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1. 底特律居民都不会忘记1999年的暴风雪,当时多架飞机在底特律大都会国际机场的停机坪上滞留了数小时。同样,全美航空企业(US Airways)在2004年至2005年也遭遇了假日事故,当时超过72,000件行李丢失或损坏。
2. 7. Trust will remain the single most critical business issue.
3. "When the actual dependency ratio of pension insurance gets down to three to one, the payment cannot be lower than 17 percent. If it drops to two to one ratio, it means that everyone is going to pay 25 percent. The financial burden gets heavier when the dependency ratio gets lower. The restructuring of pension system must be finalized in two years." Yang said.
4. Technology
5. A Sicilian Photographer of the Mafia and Her ‘Archive of Blood’
6. 70年住宅土地使用权到期可以续期,不需申请,没有前置条件,也不影响交易。


1. "China is Australias most valuable tourism market, with the potential to be worth more than $13 billion by 2020."
2. 2=neutral
3. Comic skit “Happiness Of Today II” (Shen Teng, Ma Li etc)
4. Technically it is a project of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to bring all of its trade deals in the region under one umbrella. It also lacks the ambition on many fronts of the TPP.
5. 3. Enlisted military personnel
6. 瑞典就人道主义援助贡献基金而言,属于最慷慨的国家之一,整体排名第六。“公民权益”排名第二,“最佳绿色生活国家”排名第一。


1. In terms of salary three years after graduation, Germany leads the way for masters in management programmes, with three schools in the top four. Graduates of WHU Beisheim have the distinction of earning the highest salary, at $98,123 on average.
2. Managers are able to reward their subordinates in unique, personalized ways thanks to the budget they receive from corporate. Two examples of past bonuses: free trail rides at an equestrian stadium and a barbeque with lassoing and horseshow throwing lessons.
3. 低通胀反映出需求趋弱,不利于人们增强对经济转型(从侧重制造业转向侧重消费)的信心,但另一方面,这种局面为中国政府实施刺激措施留出了空间——假如它希翼为经济提供更大支撑的话。
4. 她说:“妈妈会说,‘噢,天呐,大家去看一下爱莉安娜?格兰德(Ariana Grande)吧。我的反应是,‘妈,真要这样吗”
5. 2014届大学毕业生工作半年后,平均月收入为3487元,较2013届的3250元、2012届的3048元有了较大增长。
6. 这份榜单的四所英国大学分别是剑桥大学、牛津大学和伦敦大学和帝国理工学院。东京大学也位列前20名。


1. 她的设备使用了碳纳米管来检测铅的存在。据报道,数千个美国供水系统都有铅污染的问题。
2. The magazine put his net worth at $3.5 billion, down $1 billion from the rankings it issued a year ago.
3. Yes, 2014 is an absolute total disaster just waiting to ignite. In Doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end we analyzed 10 major crash warnings since early this year. Since then, more incoming bogies raced across our radar screen. Ticking time bombs from Congress, the Supreme Court, sex, carbon emissions, Big Oil, NSA, IRS, Tea Party austerity. Relentless. Mind-numbing.
4. By more than one measure, 2014 is a year the Honda Motor Co. would prefer to forget or to obscure, reflected in a roundabout way by its grand slogan for 2015, “The Year of Honda.”
5. Here are the 10 bogies, drones targeting markets, stocks, bonds and the, global economy:
6. For the government, the job is to create a good environment and the necessary conditions for our people to use their own wisdom and hard work to generate golden opportunities for themselves, rather than just relying on the government to hand them a job.


1. Pyongyang, which refers to Park as "human scum has long condemned the balloon launches and in recen onths has stepped up its demands for Seoul to ban them.
2. WhatsApp had been particularly ad-averse before its sale to 脸书. CEO Jan Koum kept a note from co-founder Brian Acton taped to his desk to remind him of the company’s core values. It read: “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!”
3. 这一新数据公布之际,杜特尔特正抵御国内外对其禁毒运动的指责,已有60万名潜在嫌疑人向当局自首。



  • 东芝发声:计划2016年3月底退出白色LED市场
    房产中介整合加速 传统中介和互联网平台抢市场
    2021-01-15 13:58:55
  • 卫浴行业质量失信企业将“上榜” 国家严把质量安全关
    新机场接通保障电源 供水干线已开建
    2021-01-02 13:58:55
  • “双11”逐渐演变为成熟的商业季
    华灿光电LED项目拟进驻义乌工业园 总投入约60亿
    2021-01-14 13:58:55
  • 房价上涨势头被控制 中国经济可减轻房地产依赖
    从木门到不锈钢门 新中式风向建材界刮来
    2020-12-30 13:58:55
  • 专家开“药方”·租金最好不超过收入的30%
    新商标法禁用“驰名商标”宣传 建材业广告“换装”忙
    2021-01-18 13:58:55
  • 二线城市重新成为房企拿地“主战场”
    变革运营不能只走形式 瓷砖行业拼命找出口
    2021-01-10 13:58:55
  • 高端家具品牌的存活率 成功率只有1-2成
    2021-01-06 13:58:55
  • 盘点家具圈2016年一季度重大事件
    2021-01-13 13:58:55
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