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1. 其关于朋友间爱情、事业、友谊的主题仍然与今天的年轻人息息相关。
2. v. 扩充,延伸,伸展,扩展
3. 广义货币M2增长11.3%,低于13%左右的预期目标;
4. 10. Are YOU Re-Energized?
5. Obama scored narrow wins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire - all states that Romney had contested - while the only swing state captured by Romney was North Carolina, according to network projections。
6. China has broken into the worlds top 25 innovative economies for the first time, thanks to investments in education and research and development that have translated into new patents and licenses, a study said on Monday.


1. Baoneng is believed to have borrowed heavily to fund its share purchases in Vanke and is now the developer’s largest single shareholder with a 25 per cent stake.
2. 同时,只有三部好莱坞大片成功挤进2015年中国影片票房销售额的前十名。它们分别是《速度与激情7》、《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元》以及《侏罗纪世界》。
3. While British schools moved up two places on average, French schools, the largest group from any one country, fell one place on average. EMLyon Business School dropped outside the MBA ranking and lost 15 places overall, while Edhec Business School failed to make it into the Executive MBA ranking and lost eight places overall as a result.
4. 在周五晚上,金州勇士队以106比94击败了芝加哥公牛队,将战绩提升为14胜0负。库里本场比赛拿下27分,而卫冕冠军也距离NBA历史最佳开局纪录只有一场之遥。
5. 事实证明,许多投资者站在了库克这一边。经历了动荡的2013年,苹果股价在这次股东大会后上涨了约50%,一度将苹果市值推至7000亿美金之上。
6. The other two manufacturers, OPPO and vivo, both achieved growth of over 100 percent, shipping 99.4 million and 77.3 million units respectively in 2016.


1. "The average salary level of employees grew by about 6.3 percent year on year in the first three quarters of last year, while Chinas annual GDP growth stood at 6.7 percent in 2016, both slowing from a year earlier," Jin added.
2. A Pioneering German Feminist Looks Back in Anguish
3. brace原指双臂,用双臂支撑-使稳固用两个brace embrace(v 拥抱)
4. 差不多人人都知道GOOGLE的分析工具谷歌 Analytics,但是你是否用过GOOGLE的网站管理员工具(谷歌 Webmaster Tools)?作为一名营销人员,我认为GOOGLE的网站管理工具是我用过的最重要的免费工具之一。你肯定想让自己企业的名字出现在GOOGLE搜索结果之中,对吧?那么为什么不听听GOOGLE网站管理员工具教给你的诀窍呢?
5. In a working paper published on Tuesday, Robin Koepke, economist at the Institute of International Finance, an industry group, argues that investors, EM policymakers and the Fed itself have neglected the role of US interest rates in provoking currency, banking and debt crises in the emerging world.
6. “我跟她很像,大家真的就像一对老夫妇。”


1. 所有外出务工人员的年收入据估计达到了3万亿美金,然而大约有85%仍留在雇主国,他们汇款回家的钱,平均不到雇主国GDP的百分之一。
2. Followers are also getting younger and better educated, with 77.8 percent in the 17-to-33 age group and 75 percent with a higher education.
3. At the same time, entries for gout jumped by just over a third – a disease associated with "ease and comfort" in Victorian London, now more likely to be linked with deprivation and lack of work.
4. Companies are always looking to save money, and outsourcing some roles to freelancers can help. Virtual assistants can perform many of the duties of full-time staffers, but with less commitment. These workers could help expand a business, or just encourage things to run more smoothly.
5. Lecent was with an unknown number of other youth when she was killed by a single bullet inside a home in a public-housing complex near Martin Grove Rd. and Finch Ave W.
6. n. 大赦,特赦


1. In his report of Global Market of Industrial Robots, Junji Tsuda, president of International Federation of Robotics (IFR), noted that about 387,000 industrial robots were sold in 2017 worldwide, up 31% year-on-year, creating $50 billion in revenue, with China as one of key drivers behind the strong growth.
2. There are 27 companies that are dropped from the list this year, including AT&T, IBM, Siemens and Xerox.
3. When it was set up in 2002, Teach First’s aim was to encourage more graduates to try teach-ing. Amid worries that the best brains in the country were being lured into the City of London, accountancy and law, the idea was to tap some of their brain power for state schools, in an attempt to tackle educational inequality.



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