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1. 当伊利诺伊大学的研究员着手建立一种靠嗅觉来鉴别化学物质的装置时,他们并不满足于提高人类鼻子的灵敏度。相反,他们发展出一种假鼻子,依靠对细菌的气味来鉴别和诊断某些疾病。
2. Baby Driver recently placed on the National Board of Review’s Top 10 list. The film holds a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and took in over $100 million dollars at the box office.
3. 你是否经常闷闷不乐、心情不好?
4. The M3 tomb also "consists of a burialmound, ramp, sealed gate, tomb entrance, screen walls, passage, burial chamberand side chamber" the researchers wrote in a report published recently inthe journalChinese Cultural Relics.
5. n. 不和谐,刺耳声,震动,震惊,广口瓶
6. 这是007系列影片最佳主题曲之一,但实际上并没有在片头演奏,所以大家把它放在荣誉推荐的第一位。这首浪漫的曲子呼应了影片情节的发展,最终詹皇·邦德遇到了真爱。(可惜他们的恋情维持不久便结束了。)路易斯·阿姆斯特朗运用了他标志性的颤音,听者心弦颤动,一个经典诞生了。


1. 此外,排名前列的城市的“成本”、“学问与居民生活”两项指标普遍不高。在满足民众需求、并提供高质量生活方面,中国的“机遇城市”仍然面临挑战。
2. “Obviously, a single year, even if it is a record, cannot tell us much about climate trends,” said Stefan Rahmstorf, head of earth system analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. “However, the fact that the warmest years on record are 2014, 2010 and 2005 clearly indicates that global warming has not ‘stopped in 1998,’ as some like to falsely claim.”
3. Brazil lost that 1950 final, 2-1, to Uruguay, a historic humiliation that still stings Brazilian fans today. Belmonte, 85, hopes hell get to see his country regain its honor. "I hope Brazil will be able to win this time," he said. "This is our revenge. I want to go see our revenge."
4. Im only a child yet I know we are all in this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal. 我身为小孩都知道,大家在地球的母亲怀中都是孩子。大家应该为了相同的目的进行相同的行动!
5. 1. China’s leadershipwill ignite the capital economy, funding an aggressive growth program withmajor infrastructure investments to support urban development, including hugeallotments for housing, schools, roads, and more.
6. 然而,国家也很警惕网络金融的快速发展,该领域基本不受监管,发生系统性危机的风险可能会很高。据摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)和中国研究机构“网贷之家”的调查显示,自2007年以来,中国有370家P2P贷款平台倒闭,其中270家是在过去的一年中倒闭的。


1. 9.Yeah, I was a badass on my high school football team! – Because I want to be seen by others in an even stronger light than I see myself。
2. 地区
3. China purchased 141,000 industrial robots in 2017, up 58.1% year-on-year, but foreign brands accounted for nearly three quarters of that, showing that the gap is still widening between Chinese robot makers and their foreign peers.
4. She said: On a scale of one to 10, I feel Im at a nine because theres definitely room for improvement. I know I could go further.
5. 年过40方当妈的女星们
6. Cullinan and Ruiz each carry a suitcase containing a copy of the winning envelope for all the categories - meaning there are two envelopes for each award.


1. 6. 查理兹-塞隆 1650万美金
2. She made several points in a note to clients Tuesday that struck me as new:
3. New Year should be a time of banked-up fines, the scent of flowers and wine, good talk, good memories and loyalties renewed. But if all else is lacking - love will do.新年是这样美好的时光:炉火熊熊,花儿芬芳,醇酒飘香,殷殷祝福,美好回忆,恩爱日新。即便没有一切,只要有爱便足矣。
4. 4. We can’t go into detail on this matter.
5. 35岁的阿德里亚娜·利马身着一件凸显身材的白色抹胸式礼服。这位巴西模特选择了简单又时髦的装扮,她把头发扎了起来,戴着一条抢眼的项链,项链上缀满了钻石。
6. 雅虎首席实行官玛丽莎梅耶尔


1. 特斯拉(Tesla)正处在蜜运中。这家电动汽车企业的财富以不可思议的速度积聚,而投资者仍在热烈地追捧它。
2. 包括圣诞购物季在内,第四季度的电脑出货量共计7190万台。IDC方面表示,这是自IDC企业开始追踪该数据以来最大的降幅。
3. 但近2/3(65%)的福音派白人新教徒认为这些暴风雨是“末日”即将到来的证据,就如《圣经》中预言的那样。



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