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1. BETTER CALL SAUL (AMC, Feb. 8) Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s “Breaking Bad” spinoff is probably the most anticipated new series of the winter. Starring Bob Odenkirk as the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman, the show is set before the action of “Breaking Bad,” so any appearances by Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul would be cameos at best. But the audience favorite Jonathan Banks reprises his role as the phlegmatic enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut.
2. We had everything before us, we had nothing before us…
3. However, you know when your cycles are over when the washer and dryer stop making noise. And you know when the weather is ugly by simply looking outside, or checking your weather app. Therefore, the product is basically just another way hackers can get into your home.
4. 最不淑女奖
5. After the officials realized what had happened, they tried to get on stage immediately. But the news was broken to the La La Land cast and crew after they had started their acceptance speeches.
6. “…was caught in a big lie on her resume during the meeting.”


1. 因为中国严格的政策,该内衣品牌的几位最有名的模特无法出席今年最重要的活动,上周吉吉·哈迪德就在推特上表示她不会出席此次维密秀。
2. DAloisios parents came to England from Australia. His father, Lou, has worked in commodities for BP and Morgan Stanley, while his mother, Diana, is a corporate lawyer who also serves as her sons contractual representative. They always knew DAloisio was an extremely inquisitive child. But he was our first, so we didnt think it was anything out of the ordinary, says Diana. (DAloisios brother, Matthew, is 14.) They stress that despite his impressive accomplishments, he remains a normal kid. Or at least as normal as a kid can be when hes making offhand references to Markov models and stochastic processes. He still goes out on weekends, still goes to parties, says Diana. Hes got a girlfriend. All the things you do at 17.
3. A recent example: When Gwen Stefani launched her new album Spark the Fire, Swyft created a free sticker pack and distributed it on several of its messaging apps. It was downloaded almost a million times and sent between users seven million times, resulting in 41 million impressions in 10 days. Such campaigns cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 for brands, Wray says.
4. 尽管俄罗斯假装把再平衡的重点转向亚洲,但是从其对乌克兰的做法可以看出,它仍然在权衡自己的力量以对抗西方,尤其是美国。
5. 以下将007系列影片官方主题曲按受欢迎程度由低到高进行排序。其中还荣誉推荐了两首有可能不属于官方歌曲的曲子。它们一样很好听。
6. 这家总部位于亚特兰大的集团预测,经并购、资产剥离和汇率波动调整,今年销售额将增长3%,而之前的预期为4%至5%。


1. Bursts of color are instant energy suppliers. If you can, paint your walls or use furniture and accessories to provide a colorful oomph.
2. But there remains a mass of old master paintings in dealers’ stocks — and in collectors’ minds — whose asking prices still hark back to the age of Tommy Cooper. Unfortunately, in today’s market, and at those prices, many of these paintings will be as sellable as that Stradivarius canvas with the hole in it.
3. 英国《金融时报》根据此前的官方数据计算得出,这意味着10月中国对外投资额为83亿美金,同比下滑26.5%。
4. “…claimed he was late because he got lost, but our receptionist said she had seen him hanging out at the coffee shop.”
5. 3. Feng Shui
6. One of the best James Bond theme songs wasnt actually played over the opening credits, so were giving it our first honorable mention. This enormously romantic song from On Her Majestys Secret Service is one of the few James Bond themes that helps tell the story of the film, in which our hero finally meets the love of his life. (Alas, it was short-lived.) Satchmo warbles his trademark warble, our hearts melt, and a classic is born.


1. At a Senate committee hearing on extrajudicial executions in the Philippines, Ronald Dela Rosa said 712 people had been killed in police anti-narcotics operations since July 1, the day after Mr Duterte assumed the presidency, while 1,067 deaths were being investigated as drug-related vigilante killings.
2. 不过,五家总部驻北京的旅行社表示,他们仍在销售3月份的韩国游产品,而中国最大在线旅游企业携程(Ctrip)也做了同样表态。中国三大国有航空企业的代表向彭博(Bloomberg)表示,他们并未收到要求停止销售赴韩国机票的指示。
3. The most badass super-villains assigned to protecting people, thats Suicide Squad for you. A government agency called A.R.G.U.S recruits villains to perform dangerous tasks that in turn reduces their prison sentence. The task force includes Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Killer Croc and several other villains from the DC Comics universe.
4. According to a report by Beijing Statistics Bureau, retail sales of consumer goods in the Chinese capital surpassed 1 trillion yuan ($152 billion) in 2015, up 7.3 percent year on year.
5. 9.你会一直回避你的老板。
6. 他也承认由于他和Vonnie已经离婚了所以听说这封信的时候感情有些复杂。


1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. economy finally got a big jolt of energy in 2014 after the lamest recovery since World War II. And 2015 is shaping up to be an even better year.
2. adj. 乐观的,乐观主义的
3. What growth dollar exports did see among major trading partners came from shipments to the US, which rose 5.5 per cent year on year to $37.06bn. Exports to South Korea also showed growth of 8.3 per cent to $10.2bn.



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