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1. The leadership changes across the industry will be of particular interest to female consulting professionals, given none of these firms have ever been run by a woman. Consulting firms are vocal proponents of the business case for improved gender diversity at the top of large companies. It will be interesting to see if any of them decide to practice what they preach.
2. 指数:94.2
3. 今年夏季,美国ETF管理的资产规模跨过3万亿美金大关,亚太ETF行业管理的资产仅成功爬上3500亿美金关口。
4. Trade flows brought China’s balance of trade to $40.82bn, roughly $7.2bn below expectations and down about $3.6bn from November’s revised level of $44.23bn (previously $44.61bn). That balance came to Rmb275.4bn in local-currency terms.
5. absolutely
6. In 2011, some seven years after the last season of Friends, over 36 million tuned into Comedy Central, a US satellite TV channel, to watch the show. The main demographic for this channel is 16 to 34 year olds, and viewing figures spiked during holidays, when extra episodes are also shown.


1. 他们在官方的欢迎仪式上也迟到了40分钟,在温哥华的一场活动中也迟到了。
2. 中国12月生产者价格指数(PPI)同比下滑3.3%,为自2009年9月以来最大降幅。矿业价格下跌13.2%,原材料价格下跌6.4%。
3. adv. 真诚地,真心地
4. QK%.jd&KnAkQ
5. During the RoboCup 2500 contestants from 40 countries competed in 15 competitions with various types of computerized soccer robots, healthcare robots, rescue robots and dance robots.
6. mort=death死+ality性质→死亡(率)


1. 在此新年之际,我同夫人向你及你的家人致以节日的问候,并祝你们新年快乐、事业有成、家庭幸福。
2. “即使你已经接受美联储加息的现实,也还有其他原因感到紧张,”美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)新兴市场负责人戴维樠纳(David Hauner)表示。他指出,油价不断下跌和中国经济增长放缓,是CBOE的VIX指数(反映投资者情绪的晴雨表)所衡量的市场波动水平自8月以来居高不下的其中两大原因。
3. radiation
4. [ridikjul?s]
5. The runner-up was Lucy Kay, with Bars and Melody in third place.
6. Nicolas Cage certainly bucks a lot of trends. He once told media that, for residency reasons, the award he won for the 1996 film Leaving Las Vegas was “in a truck somewhere moving through Louisiana”. Apparently, one of the ways the authorities determine if you’re a resident or not – in what must be the most niche of tests – is to ask where your Academy Award is.


1. port部分+ion→一部分→部分,一般
2. Female and male participants typically have similar profiles at the start of their EMBA.
3. This is the biggest question hanging over the global economy. And the biggest risk.
4. 在接下来几年里,大型住宅楼盘必须遵守第87号本地法(Local Law 87)——该法要求楼盘审核能源使用量,并保持系统以最高效率运行。住宅楼是纽约市最大的温室气体排放源,其排放量占总量的37%。“能源是一大热门话题。楼盘怎样提高能源效率?”管理着超过500处房产的FirstService Residential New York的总裁丹·沃泽尔(Dan Wurtzel)说,“如果运营预算的三分之一来自能源耗费,而现在你可以降低这块成本,那么上涨维护费的压力就减轻了。”
5. STEP 5: GET RID of most of your friends
6. 正当整个时尚界都在为拉格菲尔德哀悼,而除了他的众多继承人,他的爱猫邱佩特可能也会继承他的1.5亿英镑财产的一部份。


1. 以下是CareerCast公布的完整榜单:
2. PwC企业已为奥斯卡计票并准备获奖信封逾80年,这是奥斯卡历史上第一次出现颁奖时拿错信封的乌龙事件。
3. 中国手机制造巨头HUAWEI发布了业务预期,在2016年,其智能手机发货量达到了1.39亿台,同比增长29%,而全球手机出货量的同比增长仅为0.6%。



  • 房价还能涨多久:部分地区已完全丧失投资价值
    广州一手楼供应量攀升至全年新高 刚需支撑市场
    2021-01-06 08:10:41
  • 杭州家居行业拐点来了
    2021-01-10 08:10:41
  • 记者调查:三线城市居民投资房产 看好北京周边
    2021-01-13 08:10:41
  • 楼市可预见的巨大风险:地王频现退地风波不断
    受累下游低迷 南兴家具装备上市首年业绩下滑
    2021-01-07 08:10:41
  • 瓷抛砖市场表现强劲 或迎发展新机遇
    2021-01-07 08:10:41
  • 上半年空调市场惨淡收官 成家电市场唯一负增长品类
    国网拟停止垫付光伏补贴 业界担心分布式投资热情降温
    2021-01-14 08:10:41
  • 2016法兰克福照明展观察:外观创新渐呈减弱态势 产品功能渐呈多样趋势
    2021-01-07 08:10:41
  • 提升城市能级和核心竞争力 2035年基本建成卓越全球城市
    建材行业:布局三条主线 推荐10股
    2021-01-15 08:10:41
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