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1. It would be foolish to assume western democracies are immune.
2. “We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture. The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered, was immediately corrected.”
3. FOYLE’S WAR (acorn.tv, Feb. 2) After nabbing the final three episodes of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” last year, the streaming service Acorn TV scores another coup in the field of traditional British mysteries with the American premiere of this superior show’s ninth season. Starring Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle, a detective as honorable as he is shrewd, the series has morphed over the years from a provincial home-front cop show to a le Carré-like Cold War thriller. New episodes involve the Nuremberg trials and Britain’s role in Palestine.
4. 纽约州莱维敦的五年级学生张天羽在10万名参赛者中脱颖而出,赢得了本年度GOOGLE国际少年绘画大赛冠军。这次比赛的主题是“画一个能使世界变得更好的东西”。
5. 1.Deadpool
6. 小说编辑安东尼·赫洛维兹(Anthony Horowitz)透露,新书《Trigger Mortis》为现代读者作了改动,包含反对吸烟的信息,而且首次有一位“直言不讳”的同性恋朋友出场。


1. 公众宗教研究机构与宗教资讯通讯社联合开展的这项调查显示,不同政治派别和不同宗教信仰的人们对于恶劣天气的观念存在分歧,今年已经发生了多起严重的高温和干旱灾害。
2. 英国剑桥大学Judge商学院(Judge Business School)排名上升速度最快,今年上升19位,名列第29位,这得益于其在高管MBA排名中的出色表现(该学院今年首次参与此项排名)。华威商学院(Warwick Business School)重返榜单前20名(位列第19),该校去年未参加管理硕士排名。
3. These artificial ears will be a huge benefit to those who suffer injuries or who have microtia, a condition that keeps the ears from ever developing.
4. One of the more notorious incidents was when Zhu Ling, a student at the prestigious Tsinghua University, was paralyzed when her roommate allegedly poisoned her with thallium in 1994.
5. 内容来自:可可英语 http://www.kekenet.com/read/201303/232075.shtmlThose looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in life should head to northern Europe, but steer clear of Egypt and countries worst hit by the eurozone crisis, according to the 2013 World Happiness Report released Monday by Columbia Universitys Earth Institute.
6. n. 行星


1. JINX: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF ROBERT DURST (HBO, Feb. 8) Andrew Jarecki (“Capturing the Friedmans”) directed this six-part documentary series with the cooperation of Mr. Durst, the New York real estate scion linked to several killings and the unsolved disappearance of his first wife.
2. 这些人工眼睛,确实恢复了盲鼠的视力。猴子的视网膜工作原理和人类的非常相似,因此随后在猴子上进行的试验给了最终的人类试验以成功的希翼。
3. 1. Bottoms Up Beer System
4. 揭露好莱坞流氓的女星发起了MeToo行动,意在揭露高层性侵女性事件,表示性侵者都是“失败者”。
5. Whedon had always loved the seemingly separate ideas of sci-fi and westerns, and through The Killer Angels, he saw a way to combine them. "I wanted to play with that classic notion of the frontier," he said. "Not the people who made history, but the people history stepped on—the people for whom every act is the creation of civilization." And Whedon decided to set the frontier on a spaceship: a ship named Serenity.
6. vt. 打斗


1. The awards returned Ms. Lawrence, a winner last year for Russells Silver Linings Playbook, to the stage for an acceptance speech-something she said was no easier a year later.
2. Harry Styles, Harry Styles
3. 许多技术人员相信,本世纪的智能机器人很有可能和人类进行比赛,并取得胜利。
4. 时隔多年,贝尔蒙特如今已是一位白发苍苍的老人。没能现场观看1950年国际足联世界杯的决赛,他从不感到悔恨。那次决赛过后没几天,他的母亲就去世了。“我当时决定放弃观看比赛的机会,事实证明这样做是正确的。”他对记者说。
5. 最新名单显示香港大学排名第三,澳门大学排名第六。
6. We think of the passage of NBA time in seasons, for obvious reasons. Theres connection, a continuum. Its how we remember things that happen, in the course of a season of play. But theres some benefit to looking back at a calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and what weve learned in that process. After all, many say the "unofficial start" to the NBA season is Christmas, with the new year starting soon after. So here are the lessons we learned about the NBA in the year 2017.


1. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。
2. Julian Evans-Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics, commented:
3. 报告指出,他们的家庭平均每月大约会收到200美金,这占到了他们家庭收入的60%。使用这笔稳定的汇款,他们的家人可以解决吃饭、住房、上学、医疗问题,改善卫生条件,进行一些投资,或者有一定的存款。



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