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1. 一份新发布的研究表明,2014年,全球药品支出将超过万亿美金,治疗丙型肝炎和癌症的创新药品为高价药。截至2018年,预计药品支出费用将再提高三成。
2. 我国火车票购票官网12306网站已成为世界最大火车票购票网站,2017年该网站交易总量达35亿张车票。
3. 8.你把简历留在了该死的打印机里!
4. Classic cars:Prices plummet as an enormous supply of post-war classics, hidden away on an off-shore island, becomes available for the first time in 50 years. Collectors are especially eager to find Packards, Studebakers, Hudsons, Nashes, Kaisers, and Henry J’s. More’s the surprise because all of the cars are in running condition and are used as daily drivers.
5. Whiteness, in this context, is more than just skin color. You could define it as membership in the “ethno-national majority,” but that’s a mouthful. What it really means is the privilege of not being defined as “other.”
6. Countrywide, month-on-month prices rose in 59 out of 70 cities last month – down from 62 – were unchanged in four and fell in eleven. Cities where prices fell from the previous month included Shenzhen (down 0.3 per cent), Hangzhou (down 0.4 per cent) and Xiamen (down 0.2 per cent).


1. 无论黑莓和SAMSUNG联婚这种事是否发生,时代的发展已经凸显了移动技术下一波创新(和诉讼)浪潮的所在:在日益移动化的世界中掌握权限控制方法,阻止企业遭到黑客袭击。(财富中文网)
2. Everybody has heard by now that health care companies are promising hunting grounds for job seekers, and the New Year will see hiring perk up elsewhere, too.
3. 该报告指出,代理商和投资机构的涌入导致世界第二大经济体的增长方式和平台发生了额外的变化。小米科技企业的投资人和创始人雷军、360董事长周鸿祎、中国首富王健林等众多互联网大咖都大力支撑流媒体的网络直播,这强烈表明了投资网红经济的巨大利润。
4. 报告发现,艺术学、农学、工学专业的学生创业意愿最高,而历史学和理科专业的学生创业兴趣相对较低。
5. The requirements come from one of two newly issued regulations over the taxi and online ride-hailing services by Chinas transportation authority. The regulations will take effect in October and November respectively.
6. 只剩下空洞的形式。所以,借鉴这些熟悉的形式看似稳妥,实际上并非如此。它是空洞的,可以被丢弃,所以,60年代的风格一直被认为是一股“潮流”——“潮流”暗含的意思是,在某一时刻它将“终结”。虽然“终结”尚未到来。


1. v. 弄短,变短
2. 愿你的新年光彩夺目,愿你的新年灿烂辉煌!佳节快乐!
3. 你知道什么叫“深藏不露”吗?
4. London Business School (LBS) performed strongly across all five rankings. All of its programmes are in the European top 10, including its full-time MBAs, ranked second, and its joint EMBA programme (taught with Columbia Business School in the US) and customised executive education courses, both in fourth place.
5. 3. 向他人学习。
6. 单词释义:


1. Still, the optimistic view is that several roadblocks to recovery -- an over-indebted consumer, a moribund housing market and shellshocked banks -- are no longer holding back hiring. Barring an unforeseen shock to the economy, this could mean 2013 will be another year of slow but steady growth.[qh]
2. GOOGLE的品牌价值现在超过了1090亿美金,比苹果企业要高大约20亿美金,这使其成为了全世界最赚钱的企业。
3. 提升科技创新能力。
4. 《北美自由贸易协定》(Nafta)的大戏
5. It surprised me, but its a good sign for Tencent getting abroad, because in particular WeChat is a combination of WhatsApp and Instagram, so its a unique value proposition that is probably pretty good for emerging market consumers, he said.
6. 赖特是英国浪漫主义画派的鼻祖之一。这幅作品从1840年起一直由德比郡的一个家族私藏。考虑到目前的行情,它的最低估价仅为10万英镑,还有一个重要因素是它的拍卖款将用于救济叙利亚难民。结果,至少有三位竞拍人把价格推高至66.5万英镑(含佣金)。


1. 数年来,莎尔玛·海雅克和格温妮丝·帕特洛都是性侵的受害者,麦高恩表示,她明白川普的支撑者都憎恨好莱坞,因为他们的自由主义都是假的。
2. 然而,至少有两名哈佛教授对取消入学资格的做法表示质疑。哈佛大学法学院荣誉教授艾伦?德肖维茨告诉《卫报》,学生们因互相之间“开非常恶劣的玩笑”而失去哈佛的入学资格,这样的“惩罚太苛刻”。
3. Big banks have more or less given up on trying to retain people with higher pay. Ever since the financial crisis it has been clear that if you want to get seriously rich, you go to Silicon Valley. Ruth Porat laid down a big marker in 2015, swapping an annual $13m or so salary as CFO of Morgan Stanley for a package at 谷歌 (now Alphabet) about five times bigger.



  • 专家预测:春节后 建材价格涨幅将达5%-15%
    2021-01-16 10:28:00
  • “多校划片”新政将至 学位房交易仍火爆
    家具业寒潮波及上游 南兴装备业绩下滑
    2021-01-18 10:28:00
  • 河北廊坊前9月向韩国出口家具23余万件 增速喜人
    缺陷消费品召回管理办法出台 规范儿童家具市场
    2021-01-08 10:28:00
  • HUAWEI联手欧普照明 打造全场景化的智慧生活
    抑制投资投机 楼市调控升级 徐州二套房领证三年方可再售
    2021-01-11 10:28:00
  • 楼市多观望 年底前房价或不会全国性反弹
    门窗行业打响升级战 未来谁是“弄潮儿”?
    2021-01-06 10:28:00
  • 湾田豪掷3亿打造大型家居商城
    南京三月房价环比涨了0.1% 新房价格同比涨幅创19个月新高
    2021-01-04 10:28:00
  • 明年新房投资增速进一步下滑 房价回归价值面
    10月起江门商品房只卖现房?官方回应:属误读 未取消预售制
    2021-01-10 10:28:00
  • 机构:全国租赁房源同比涨36% 沪京深分列前三
    百城房价连跌4个月 部分地方提出财政补贴开发商
    2021-01-03 10:28:00
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    It was the second weekend in a row that Venezuelas socialist government opened the long-closed border with Colombia and by 6 a.m. Sunday a line of would-be shoppers snaked through the entire town of San Antonio del Tachira. Some had traveled in chartered buses from cities 10 hours away.

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