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1. 自2005年以来,年度最佳商业图书奖的评奖标准一直是“对现代商业问题提供了最令人叹服且最有趣味的深刻见解”。2014年的获奖者是托马斯皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)的《21世纪的资本》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century)。
2. Identity, as academics define it, falls into two broad categories: “achieved” identity derived from personal effort, and “ascribed” identity based on innate characteristics.
3. stylish
4. 8. “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” In her terrific feature debut, Marielle Heller traces the artistic and sexual awakening of a 15-year-old (a sensational Bel Powley) whose desires leads to adulthood.
5. The TV drama is not based on a novel but the story of a real businesswoman Zhou Ying. Born in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Zhou was the richest female entrepreneur in Shaanxi province at that time.
6. 1号 what the fuck: “职场辣妈”的新境界


1. 尽管购汇限制并未调整,但监管部门现在要求个人详细披露到底要用购得的外汇去做什么。购得的外汇只能用于旅游和购物、留学、境外求医以及咨询服务等经常项目支出。房地产和其他投资性支出属明确禁止之列。
2. [pr?p?ti]
3. 中国国家统计局工业司何平在随后发布的数据解读声明中称,尽管石油和其他投入价格下跌支撑了利润率,但出厂价格的下跌抵消了这些利好影响。
4. 汤姆汉克斯和梅丽尔斯特里普出演,史蒂文斯皮尔伯格执导,这样一个为资讯自由而战的历史故事,有很多让评委刮目相看的地方。
5. The work of Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley has sparked a "flourishing field of research" and helped improve the performance of many markets, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.
6. 在36,000位认证网红中,74%是女性,87.8%网红的年龄在17-33岁之间,且89%的人有大学文凭。粉丝也越来越年轻,受教育程度也越来越高,77.8%粉丝的年龄在17-33岁之间,75%的人受过高等教育。


1. 这个排行榜是依据两项调查收集的数据编制的:一项调查针对参与排名的商学院,另一项针对这些商学院在3年前毕业的校友(即2013届学员)。
2. This technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. And since a misread signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. As one of the researchers delicately put it, “If youre using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. If the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”
3. Oops. Better luck in 2015, everybody.
4. 另一条推文发表于美国总统就职日,奥巴马称:“能够为你们服务是我毕生的荣幸,你们使我成为了更好的领袖和更好的人。”
5. 7.《大白鲨》
6. “It’s eerie how similar this space is to CRM when Marc Benioff launched Salesforce.com,” said Mitch Harper, who co-founded the company in 2009 with co-CEO Eddie Machaalani. “The parallels are uncanny.”


1. 《副总统》(Veep):Netflix企业的热门剧《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)今年露出疲态,但另一部讽刺华盛顿的HBO电视剧《副总统》却在第三季中更上一层楼。塞琳娜(朱莉娅·路易斯-德莱弗斯[Julia Louis-Dreyfus]饰)和助手加里(Gary,托尼·黑尔[Tony Hale]饰)在洗手间里发现自己即将成为总统后,激动得失声大笑,成为2014年喜剧片中最滑稽的一幕。
2. Such highlighted talents also include cult director David Lynch of the United States and the versatile Taiwan filmmaker Sylvia Chang, whose representative works are on the recommended lineup.
3. [k?ud]
4. stylish
5. flimsy
6. The invulnerable singer broadened into a wider emotional palette – musical too, with guitars and brass lacing through synthetic beats and dub effects. It could recall art-rock godmother Kate Bush (see the single "Green Light").


1. Youre networking – yes! But youre networking so thoroughly within your industry that word gets back to your boss. "The world is small," says Andrea Kay, career consultant and author of "This Is How To Get Your Next Job," so this kind of thing does happen. When sharing your résumé and other job-search materials with new and old professional contacts, explicitly state that your hunt is confidential, Foss says。
2. 美国退伍军人节也跟世界其他国家纪年第一次世界大战的节日重合,其中包括英国和英联邦国家澳大利亚以及加拿大的纪念日。
3. adj. 令人振奋的,激励人的,鼓舞人心的



  • 外国媒体称中国股民转投房地产:他们不想再冒险
    2021-01-09 00:54:36
  • 互联网大潮催生灯具行业格局发生改变
    刚需族买房 资金实力也要杠杠的
    2021-01-15 00:54:36
  • 特普丽墙纸第4期经销商培训会圆满落幕
    二手房江湖变局 预计二季度将回归降温通道
    2021-01-20 00:54:36
  • 两企业经济纠纷以物抵债 法院30分钟强执20亿房产
    十三五开局年 LED显示屏行业将主要聚焦三点
    2021-01-12 00:54:36
  • 伪智能与同质化:智能小家电是不是鸡肋?
    陶瓷行业热衷总部大楼 应警惕“硅谷魔咒”
    2021-01-20 00:54:36
  • 李鬼缠上“陶企大咖” “山寨”围城
    水泥去产能三年行动计划将发布 供给侧改革望加速
    2021-01-01 00:54:36
  • 人口100万—300万大城市全面取消落户限制 推动1亿人落户取得决定性进展
    2021-01-19 00:54:36
  • 本轮房地产市场上涨周期已有37个月 下半年不确定性增强
    长方照明因重组遭证监会稽查 卷入内幕交易风波
    2021-01-16 00:54:36
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